It’s a winner. Yes PC=QP. What does that mean, you ask? Precuts=Quick-Piecing. And, we know our customers like quick piecing to generate happiness!

Recently we’ve seen a trend to offer smaller groups of precuts. Benefits to the shop owner are lower retail price to grab customer’s attention. Benefits to the customer is less waste. Check out the Hoffman Bali Poppies 2-1/2” batik precuts are designed to let quilters “make it their own.” Each Poppy consists of 20 different, laser-cut strips of Hoffman Bali Batiks arranged in a color wash for use by itself in a project or coordinate with any in the 12-pack collection.


Quilters can mix and match Poppies to their heart’s content to set the light, medium and dark values of their projects, infuse direction and texture, and create dynamic color combinations.

Looking for ways to use precuts in your store? Check out these pattern options:

Respond to our blog with patterns you like when using precuts in your shop…or how your shop uses precuts. We’d love to hear more!


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