Eye of the Beholder Joins AQR in Houston

Margaret Brewster Willingham helps a customer at one of her “Eye of the Beholder” workshops at their shop in Colorado.

American Quilt Retailer is excited to team up with Eye of the Beholder again at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas! We last partnered with owner of Eye of the Beholder, Margaret Brewster Willingham, at the Meet Me In St. Louis quilt show back in July.

Willingham was surrounded by family heirlooms growing up – furniture, china, linens, and quilts we’re all inspirations for hope in the future and expressing oneself creatively.  So it’s no wonder that Willingham uses these inspirations today to design appliqué and reverse appliqué to help quilt-makers everywhere add elegance to their lives.

Eye of the Beholder patterns include complete instructions, but feel free to attend one of her workshops if you’re in the Colorado area, or visit her website to watch a tutorial on pattern technique.

Also featured on the website are online shopping options, including patterns to download and an option to request quilts or patterns made specifically for you.

One of the featured Eye of the Beholder quilters.

Plus, if you’ve worked with an Eye of the Beholder product, you have the opportunity to be featured on their website or Facebook page! Eye of the Beholder loves to see how you played with color and design.

While you’re at the Facebook page, take the time to follow Eye of the Beholder on Instagram and Pinterest, and keep up to date by reading their blog.

If you’re looking for more information to guide you in owning a retail business, subscribe to American Quilt Retailer today. Already a subscriber? No worries—join our Facebook group for insights and dialogue from industry specialists like you. And visit the Indygo Junction Facebook page while you’re there, too.

Eye of the beholder



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